Epelsa Touchscale with Scotweigh Connect



With the Epelsa touchscale and Scotweigh Connect you will never miss an opportunity.


  • Loyalty schemes and Vouchers via app
  • Sales performance via pad
  • Christmas ordering via pad
  • Easy to use Promotions
  • Order filling on Scale
  • News and promotions via app


Connect with your customers!

Using our app your customers can
keep up to date with your current
promotions and news, live! They can
even see how many loyalty points
they have accumulated.




Ishida Uni-7


Effective advertising, browser function, vibration key, cassette loading, various languages, multiple-language printing, receipt & label at one time, automatic cutter, visualizing food safety --- that is Uni-7.

Maximising the use of the store operation system

The UNI-7 can be equipped with a browser function, allowing data such as recipes and allergy information to be downloaded from the Web when using a Host System. The information can be also printed out. In addition, an e-mail function is available, allowing order to be placed directly from your store to the warehouse or production site.

Items Descriptions
Weighing capacity 15kg: 0–6 / 0.002kg,
        6–15 / 0.005kg
Weighting accuracy 1/3000
Power supply AC100 - 240V , 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 1.0A/0.5 A
Operator/Customer display 7-inch color liquid crystal with backlight
Keypad 84 keys (Programmable keys)
Printing method Direct thermal
Thermal head 2inches and 8dots/mm
Printing speed MAX 120 mm/second
Label size Width: 30mm to 60mm
Length: 20mm to 150mm
Number of cassettes 7 cassettes (front-loading type)
Roll size Outer diameter: ø100mm or less
Inner diameter: ø40mm ±1mm
Weight Bench type: Approx.11.5 kg
Pole type: Approx.12.5 kg
Use conditions Temperature: –5 to 40 ºC
Humidity: 20 to 85%
No condensation
Input/Output LAN × 1 (Wireless: Optional)
USB × 1
CF × 1
Drawer × 2





  • 500 hours of continuous use with the alkaline battery
  • Large and clear figures in the display
  • Portable scale up to 30kg capacity
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Auto power-off function for power saving
  • Low battery waning indicator


Capacities Available:
3kg x 1g, 6kg x 2g,  15kg x 5g, 30kg x 10g
LED operator display and customer display
Power source:
AC 240V
Rechargeable battery (option)




  • OIML/EC type approved dual weighing range price computing scale.
  • Automatic shift between low and high weighing range with indication on display panel.
  • 99 Unit price PLU's, including 5 X one touch
  • User friendly functions include: - Memory accumulation, non-weighed article, fixed unit price, paid and change, manual zero and tare, auto power saving, power on and zero tracking.
  • 6 X user selectable output baud rate.
  • Bold type wide angle LCD display.
  • Long battery operation time: 120hours plus.
  • Dual power source: - by built-in rechargeable battery or power adaptor.
  • Stainless steel platter, back light, RS-233C interface, build-in rechargeable battery, power adaptor, bubble level and adjustable feet included.
  • Complete with low battery and charging status indicators.



Capacities Available:
3kg x 1g, 6kg x 2g,  15kg x 5g, 30kg x 10g 
LED operator display and customer display
Power source:
Rechargeable battery with DC Adaptor